Water Treatment

Water is our Passion! Water has always been the source of life and continues to play an essential role on our planet. Our contribution is, to protect this precious, valuable resource, to use it more efficiently and to sustain it for future generations.

We provide sustainable environment-friendly solutions in the following water treatment areas:

Waste Water Treatment

Waste water purification helps to protect our ecosystem and is a legal necessity. Treatment uses a combination of mechanical, biological and chemical processes to remove particles, suspended solids, organic pollution, nitrogen and phosphorous.
Over many decades GIS Aqua acquired extensive experience in engineering and construction of waste water plants for decades. We provide the following market standard technologies with optimized and tested solutions, which are proven by our numerous references.

  • Conventional mechanical biological process
  • SBR (Sequence Batch Reactor)
  • MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor)
  • Further advanced technologies like MBBR, C-Tech, etc.
  • Containerized solutions

Drinking Water Treatment

Water is a limited resource only – Having enough quality drinking water is the most important basis for human existence. In many regions of the world, groundwater can’t satisfy the demand for drinking water alone. Furthermore, due to increasing environmental pollution and population increase, potable water can only be provided by implementation of modern technologies on a big scale. GIS Aqua provides a broad spectrum of proven and customized solutions for drinking water plants to its customers, based on:

  • Floculation / Coagulation
  • Sedimentation
  • Mechanical and biological filtration
  • Disinfection
  • Sludge treatment


In recent years, desalination of seawater and brackish water, along with planned water reuse for indirect potable and non-potable applications has been growing rapidly worldwide in recent years.

In some regions of the world the sufficient supply of drinking water can only be provided through desalination plants, from which Reverse Osmosis (RO) has risen to the most used technology nowadays. Reverse Osmosis, where salt is filtered out by means of special membranes via high pressure, features very low power requirements. GIS Aqua has specialised on Reverse Osmosis, where through the following system components high quality and reliability of the plant are achieved:

  • Water intake systems
  • Pre Treatment (Conventional, Filtration, UF)
  • High Pressure Pump Section
  • High Pressure Piping
  • Reverse Osmosis Block (Sea Water, Brackish Water)
  • Energy-Recovery-Systems
  • Re-Mineralisation
  • Storage and Dosing of Chemicals

Please find here our desalination plants reference.


It is our aim to contribute on sustainable implementation of treatment plants. In this regard we provide support on, or execution of operation of plants including resourcing education and training of plants` staff. Together with our high expertise in long term service and maintenance we are able to secure optimized operation of plants to the benefit of our clients.