Code of Ethics

Every employee and director shall comply with the code of ethics, violations against it will have consequences. Here are our ethical business practices:

  • protect the corporate’s interest
  • respect proprietary and confidential information
  • prevent the misuse of inside information
  • provide fair and truthful disclosures to the public
  • maintain accurate books and records
  • promote a safe and healthy working environment
  • treats others with respect and dignity

GIS Aqua’s goal is to outperform its competition honestly through superior performance. Every employee and director must therefore always keep the best interests of the corporate’s clients endeavour to deal fairly with suppliers, competitors, the public and one another.

All employees and directors have an obligation to act in the best interests of the company. Any activity, interest, or association outside the company should be avoided, thus that the ability to perform work objectively and effectively is not impaired or that could give the appearance of interfering with the employees´ and directors´ responsibilities on behalf of the corporate or its clients.

Political contributions to state or local officials or candidates that are intended or may appear to influence the awarding of municipal finance business to the corporate or the retention of that business are prohibited.

Gifts and entertainment may create an inappropriate expectation or feeling of obligation. Our staff and members of their family may not accept gifts or special favours (other than an occasional non-cash gift of nominal value) from any person or organization with which the company has a current or potential business relationship. Further, business gifts to, and entertainment of, non-government employees in connection with business discussions or the development of business relationships are only appropriate if they are in the ordinary course of business and their value is modest.